Crisis management, do-nothing attitude is not a destination, as luck is not a strategy

Le 21 août 2017 dans English

«I’m already working 15 hours a day and 6 or 7 days a week, why should i spend hours on something that probably isn’t going to happen?»
But if you’re an industry company, you know you might have to deal with an injury or death someday.
If you’re a food manufacturer, you might have to recall a contaminated product at some point.  .
Violence in the workplace or around it, is no longer unimaginable.
 What would happen if there’s a fire? A boycott? A malfunction?
In these cases, your response will make the difference.
Sure ! It’s the last thing that everyone thinks about ! But it’s a good way to prevent your worst nightmare.

It’s time to do something simply and effectively

Therefore, you must focus on 3 certain priorities:

  • Identify problems.
  • Minimise procedures.
  • Maximise team.

Identify problems

The first thing to do is to identify  all the controversies and crises that could be visited upon your business.
What do you gain to spend hours? You can probably anticipate about 80 percent of the crises that are going to happen to your business, and you can also anticipate how you’re going to respond.

Minimise procedures

It is important to have a written document, reduced to the essentials.
No complex procedures and processes, but essential information that you need and you can use as a basis for action and decision.

Maximise team

It is up to you to build the best possible team with your internal resources and to add external resources were necessary in order to strengthen the team and fill the gaps.
You must concentrate on training this team and above all ensure to exercise it again and again, varying the subjects, the modalities and the objectives of the simulations.
Ensure that your team can always be contacted quickly and that members are aware of the exact location of the minimised procedures, as well as the venue and meeting arrangements.
You must ensure that each licensee has several substitutes.
The team should be empowered to make all necessary decisions for the company.
It therefore includes key leaders and must have a clear leadership structure.

If you want a point of view adapted to your organisation, schedule a videoconference meeting:

The title of this article inspired by a quote => «Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.» Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
Jean-Marc Sepio : emoveo

Par Jean-Marc Sépio

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